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Why Should I Build My Website In Wordpress?

There are millions of business owners out there who need a website, but these individuals often have no idea of the basic factors they should consider before commissioning anyone to start their web build. Yes, they may start to think about the colours that will be used in the template, they may start sourcing their own images and photos, and they may even take a closer look at a selection of fonts that best reflect their brand. But the people that begin their project with these ideas have already skipped one of the most important decisions they will ever make when it comes to their new venture.   What is this key decision, I hear you cry? They haven’t determined which platform they’re going to use as the foundation for their site! Because they haven’t looked into what’s available to them, they will be relying on the web developer or builder to educate them on their options. Now there are many platforms out there and each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, one that immediately springs to mind for its versatility, functionality and unrivalled ease of use is Wordpress. What is Wordpress? Wordpress is arguably the biggest open source...
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