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Epson to Produce Bulk Packages of Printer Ink for Corporate Customers

Japanese printer maker Epson has announced a new way for small businesses and companies to save hundreds on printer ink.The Replaceable Ink Pack System, or RIPS, is a liter-sized bag of printer ink that can print as much as 75,000 pages. Epson will soon introduce RIPS-compatible printers to the Japanese market that can print roughly 24 pages per minute using a moving inkjet print head, according to a June 16 Financial Review article.The RIPS printing system is another move by Epson to replace high-end laser printers as the go-to printing choice for corporate offices.Epson's WorkForce line of printers is another way the company hopes to replace laser printers with its own high-volume color printers for companies and businesses everywhere.According to PC Magazine, Epson's WorkForce printers can print at up to half the cost of printing with a comparable color laser printer, while still preserving quality. For individuals who are looking to save money on printer ink for their personal printers, there are a number of ways to cut costs. One of the best is to buy refurbished ink cartridges. Refurbished, or remanufactured, ink cartridges recycle the parts of an ink cartridge that will last a long time, and simply refill the cartridge's...
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