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Is Your Colocation Provider Safe?

Dallas colocation data centers offer businesses the security of knowing their data is safe and protected from natural disasters, web-based attacks and cybercrime. However, a company should carefully consider if their provider uses the best security and redundancy practices possible. To determine whether a colocation center is suitable, a business must look at the amount of redundancy that is maintained at each area of the facility. Certain Dallas colocation centers maintain top-rated infrastructures, and they are considered world-class data centers. By examining several aspects of colocation provider redundancy, a company can determine which facilities will best meet business needs. The stability and speed of the provider's Internet connection is the biggest advantage to Dallas colocation. Larger businesses may consider paying for dedicated T1 lines and maintaining their servers on-site. However the cost of housing servers on-site using a T1 line is prohibitively expensive, even for larger corporations. Most businesses find it easier to move their operations to a colocation center. The same monthly budget provides better redundancy, security and bandwidth by utilizing the colocation facility. Because the cost of colocation is spread among many clients, colocation provides a cheaper alternative to hosting a server at a user-owned location. Dallas colocation data...
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