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Google Detects More Hacked Sites

Just recently, we heard of the news about the leakage of around 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords. Still so much security issues in the web. Good thing that it was immediately remedied. The issue of security bothers us a lot especially if we are just browsing. Malwares and viruses are just on the lookout and ready to jump in to our computer's system.  Search query hacking According to Google's latest report in the security section of their blog, everyday 12 to 14 million queries show warning to caution the user from sites that are compromised. As reported by USA Today, one research from Blue Coat Security Lab states that those who attack consumers are four times more active when attacking search results as compared to sending spammy/ phishing links through email. The warnings There are actually two types of site warnings – compromised and harmful. “This site may be compromised.” These are the sites that may have been hacked, wherein their contents were already changed and these are aimed at phishing and tricking the other users to provide some of their personal info (e.g. credit card number, etc.). “This site may harm your computer.” For sites that have been detected by the...
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