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Between Black and White: Gray Hat SEO Practices

In the Know: Gray Hat SEO The goal of search engine optimization is to get a website achieve higher rankings in Google's search results list. Because Google constantly modifies their algorithms for indexing, web developers have come up with white hat SEO and black SEO practices, also known as ethical and unethical SEO practices respectively. Gray hat SEO was born from the white hat and black hat SEO practices. Some web developers say that gray hat SEO is the use of both white hat and black hat SEO, while others state that they are merely bending the rules of SEO a little bit. However, gray hat SEO can also be seen as the “black hat SEO of the future” because Google's algorithms have not figure out how to spot them yet. The use of these methods may be risky because there is a big chance that once Google finds out about them, the website using them will be penalized. Gray Hat SEO Practices Using cloaking for exclusive content Cloaking is a SEO technique where a website displays one form of content to the site visitor while showing a different one to the search engine algorithm. One way to legitimize the use...
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