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What does e-commerce offer that retail can’t?

With many high-street stores turning to e-commerce sites to sell their products and services it can be argued that customers are favouring to shop online as opposed to visiting shopping centres and independent retailers. So, what it is that e-commerce sites offer that shop assistants don't? Customer Service Firstly, there are many pros and cons to visiting a retail environment. Although customer service can be helpful and more personalised, it is an on-going issue that people are restricted for time and are shopping online. It has been argued that the same level of customer service can be achieved on the web through e-commerce sites. Websites selling products and services are able to provide shopping wish-lists, campaigns, and exclusive offers that can entice an online audience, whereas, these promotions are not always available in store. Awareness As e-commerce sites usually ask for log in details, there is a perfect opportunity for your site to create a mailing list in order to distribute newsletters and information, which is something only a number of retail outlets can achieve. When a customer orders you can send them promotional offers with their purchase, to encourage them to shop again. By creating exclusive online offers you are...
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