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The Reality of Full Time Blogging

If you run your own blog or your own website, then chances are that you're hoping one day it will become big and you'll be able to start running your site full time. This is the dream for many people, but of course like anything you need to be careful what you wish for – and it is possible that it can be a something of a double edged sword when the reality of working full time from home writing a blog sets in. Is this something you really want? Or are you chasing after fools' gold? Here we will look at the reality of blogging full time and whether or not it's for you. It is highly recommended to check the following guide, if you are planning to become full-time blogger - Brief Overview of Successful Blogging as well as our basic blogging tips section. Discipline First of all it's highly important to note that in order to blog full time you need to be highly disciplined. If you are not disciplined then you will find that you can't bring yourself to write as regularly as you need to, and unlike being in a regular office job or at school,...
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