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Using Social Media to Showcase Your Expertise

Businesses can't really afford to ignore social media these days. And it's not just about having a Facebook or Twitter account, you need to establish yourself as an expert within your industry, and to do so you have to have an established online presence. This doesn't mean diving into every social network, because each industry or field has different approaches that work better than others when it comes to social media. Click Thumbnail to Enlarge Instead, the ultimate goal is to find the platform allows you to connect and interact with peers in your industry and potential customers, and to get your ideas out there and share them with others in your field. Not to mention, you want to learn from others who may have ideas of schools of thought that may be beneficial to you. In order to reach all of these goals using social media, you must seek to really understanding which social media platform works for you. This infographic, Leveraging Social Media to Showcase Your Expertise, is a great guide and an incredibly useful tool in helping to sort through the big social media platforms such as Facebook,...
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