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Web Design & SEO Add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome

Using add-ons is a great way to increase productivity. These add-ons are small tools and applications that are installed in your Internet browsers, and provide you instant access for various useful tools, software and applications. Technology workers from every field could benefit from add-ons to increase their work productivity. However, these add-ons become more essential for SEO and web designing. The following are some popular SEO and web design add-ons for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer Internet explorer is still one of the most popular and widely used Internet browsers. It shares approximately 60% of the total market. Let's review some great SEO and web designing add-ons, for Internet Explorer, which are worth checking out. SEO: i.    SEO Cool Bar:The SEO Cool Bar is arguably one of the best SEO add-ons for Internet Explorer. It comes with a lot of different features and a wide variety of customization options, which attract bloggers and webmasters alike. Some of the most notable features of the SEO Cool Bar are:•    You can add your preferred features in it, or at the same time, you can delete the ones that you do not use.•    It has a great keyword research system,...
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