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8 Types of Hackers on the Internet

During its infancy, cybercrime was really more of a novelty than an actual threat. Young hackers would write harmless viruses that would display a funny message or break into supposedly secure systems just to poke around. However, as the internet began to grow throughout the world and change the way that people and organizations interact, those with the propensity and ability began to fully realize the power that they could hold over an increasingly digital world. Today, hackers are anything but harmless. Acting alone or as organized groups, hackers have infiltrated the highest levels of government and defense, cost the United States and its civilians hundreds of billions of dollars, and destroyed countless lives. But what kind of people would dedicate their existence to such endeavors? Well, here’s a quick guide to the different kinds of hackers that operate in the world today. 1. State Sponsored Attackers Perhaps the most dangerous of the modern hacker groups are the state sponsored hackers. These are clandestine groups who are government funded and trained and exist to undermine the nations and countries that they consider to be their political enemies. These hackers are able to work as organized groups and to devote all...
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