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Learning to Write Programming Languages

Thousands of languages are spoken across the world, and in Manchester, England there are as many as 86 languages rumoured to be spoken in the city centre alone. Most of us speak just one languages, sometimes a bit of a second language – but one type of language in particularly has emerged and grown like nothing ever seen before. This type of language is spoken all over the world and is constantly evolving, changing and being taught at an ever increasing rate. The type of language I’m talking about of course, is programming. People of all ages can learn to ‘speak’ to computers and program them with a programming language, but, like learning another human language, it’s not always the easiest thing to pick up. Here are some quick tips on learning a computer language. Do your research! Don’t just dive in at the deep-end by picking some letters that sound impressive and choosing that language as the one you’re going to learn. Many different types of languages exist like object-oriented languages as well as scripts– so think about what type might interest you the most. Wikipedia and other websites are great sources of information on the types of language available....
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