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Understanding the Waterfall Software Development Model

Waterfall software development recognizes the process as a combination of distinct steps that proceed downward, much like an actual waterfall.  The waterfall model also represents the fact that a process cannot go back once it proceeds to the next phase.  There are five phases to this popular model including requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance. Requirements Analysis The first phase in the waterfall software development model, requirements analysis is the process of determining exactly what the client wants from a developer.  Here, the two will discuss project expectations in a manner that makes it easy for both the client and developer to understand.  It is important that both parties enter the waterfall software development process with everything on the table.  The developer needs to understand the client’s business inside and out to develop a specification of the software requirement.  Remember that the waterfall model can only move forward.  Since the requirements analysis phase is the first one of the process, many developers consider it to be the most important part. Design Software development involves an in-depth coding process.  Before coding, developers need to create a design that satisfies the requirements determined in the initial analysis phase.  The design specification serves...
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