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What the Government Shutdown Meant for National Cyber Security

The United States Federal Government Shutdown of 2013 lasted for approximately half a month. During that time, citizens of the United States were generally only inconvenienced in that they were forced to constantly hear about the government shutdown from alarmist news agencies. However, while the nation’s military was exempt from the shut down in order to be able to better protect our country’s interests, a different and much more vulnerable front may have been left undefended: or nation’s cyber security. And although the shutdown may have been temporarily resolved with the signing of a bill on the 16th of October, the possibility of future shutdowns might mean that we could be placed in danger once again. Cyber security is an issue with which most Americans have very little familiarity. At most, we generally tend to keep our own personal virus protection software up to date. Beyond that, we hardly consider the dangers. However, when it comes to national security, our country can’t afford to pay a passive role. There is no software secure enough or all-encompassing enough to be able to protect the United States’ assets from the constant attacks from hackers, both foreign and domestic. Thus, it is imperative that...
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