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What's the Fuzz Around Black Hat SEO?

Right after the search engine (it was called Archie) appeared online, people began to realize the true power of a search engine to be used worldwide. In 1998 Google appeared on the scene and quickly began winning millions of supporters worldwide. With so many users, many webmasters began to ask themselves what are the ways to get good traffic from those search engines. So this is how it all started. At first many webmasters began to manipulate their website's code and content to take advantage of the growing popularity of Google. At the very beginning, almost everyone used Black Hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing the META tags and titles. With the constant efforts of Google and all other search engines to drive low quality results out of their SERPs, many people developed techniques, which can be used to enhance their websites and comply with the new guidelines of the search engines. That's how White hat SEO started. For many marketeers it is hard to believe that Black Hat SEO actually is really closely related with White Hat, even today. Each technique claimed as spam by the search engines, can be reorganized using quality content and quality websites, to finally...
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