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PPC Marketing Careers

Ever wonder what’s up with all the ads you see on Google and all the other search engines? Do people actually click them? The answer is an astounding: YES.  Pay-per-click advertising has become a giant source of revenue for search engines as businesses of all sizes compete for that top spot. But how exactly does one get in the position to obtain such a spot? There are positions within companies that specialize in everything PPC and they are becoming increasingly popular as the need for advertising continues to rise. Want to know what someone that manages ­­pay-per-click advertising makes? Onward Search, ­ an online recruiter of digital marketing and design talent, recently launched an infographic that explains all of this and more. As the market continues to grow you can also expect the salaries and need for specialists in this field to increase as the years progress. Check it out and see if you’ve got what it takes. To See Image in Full Size Click Thumbnail Below: © 2012 Onward Search Kevin Fletcher is a writer for NowSourcing, Inc., which specializes in social media marketing and infographics. 
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