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Google: Behind the Numbers

Many people know that Google is a gargantuan corporation that has made a name for itself and in the process, become one of the big web giants alongside Facebook and Twitter. It also happens to have a really, really cool headquarters for its workers. But beyond that, not many people know just how much Google has acquired since its inception 20 years ago. Google has come a long way from the simple little colored HTML page it once was when the Internet was in its infancy. Now, Google is a hugely bloated conglomerate with many more gears and cogs turning behind the scenes than most people realize. Click Thumbnail to Enlarge One testament to just how large the company has gotten is the fact that Google reported a 2010 GDP that was larger than the GDP of the 23 poorest countries in the world. Google is now a superpower that gets the brunt of its revenue-- 93 percent, to be specific-- from advertising. As the company grows, its revenue is beginning to be drawn from sources that, upon further inspection, should raise a few questions amongst its 1 billion monthly visitors. From: Business MBA
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