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The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

Those who are proficient at web design can make a pretty good living for themselves by designing websites for businesses. Even the most stubborn small-business men and women have realized that they need to be represented on the Internet and that their websites need to come across as professional, though they may have differing opinions on what a professional site should look like. Web design clients come in all different sizes and shapes as well as from a variety of backgrounds. Unfortunately, there is one thing that all web design clients have in common, however, and that is bad taste. Click Thumbnail to Enlarge Web design clients believe that the more ostentatious their web pages are, the more business they will attract. They want the designer to create the equivalent of loud, flashing neon signs, which they believe will drawn customers to their businesses in droves. While a patient web designer can try to explain that this is not the case, the horrible web design client will already have his or her mind set on a hideous design and will demand that it be created for...
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