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Interview with an Online Technical Writer

This is a true story as told to LatPro.com, the worldwide leader in providing online employment resources for Hispanic and bilingual professionals. LatPro is the largest diversity employment site in the U.S. and the most complete personal career advancement service for Latino and bilingual professionals. I am a consultant technical writer in the transportation industry, and have worked in this field for the past 32 years. Currently, I am reviewing and editing maintenance documentation for commuter railroad cars. This documentation can take the form of descriptive information about what is being maintained, procedures about how to maintain this equipment, and parts lists of what would have to be replaced or repaired. The work itself is very detail oriented. The maintenance procedures are especially important as the safety of the maintenance workers is dependent upon how well the procedures are written. Most people I have met do not seem to have a clue as to what a technical writer actually does. There are so many facets to technical writing that it is easy to be misunderstood. I could be writing about Navy airplanes or financial software, and everything in between. I have always loved what I do, so I would definitely rate...
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