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Guest Blogging Contest #1

Hello WebmaisterPro Friends,I am happy to announce the first Guest Blogging Content at our social network worth $897 in total. There will be 3 winners - top 3 articles with highest number of views win! Start Date:April 16th 2012End DateMay 16th 2012 Prizes 1st Place - Divine Elemente License ($199) + $100 PPC ads at WebmaisterPro2nd Place - Divine Elemente License ($199) + $100 PPC ads at WebmaisterPro3nd Place - Divine Elemente License ($199) + $100 worth of $100 PPC ads at WebmaisterPro Learn more about Divine Elemente here.The contest runs from April 16th, 2012 to May 16th 2012. Articles will only be accepted until May 14th 2012 and no later. Contestants will be given to May 14th 2012 to market and promote. The winners will be announced on May 16th 2012. Who can participate? All members of WebmaisterPro are eligible to participate. If you do not have account with us you can sign up here:https://www.webmaisterpro.com/sign-up.html  (Registration is free) Post Guidelines     Guest posts must be at least 450 words, not to exceed 1200 words.     You may have as many links as you wish in the body of the content. No affiliate links allowed.     Your bio must have profile...
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