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Getting .edu Links the Easy Way

If you do a simple search about how exactly to get .edu domains linking back to your website, you will find 2 really common techniques - participate in an event organized by the university or comment spam the hell out of all .edu websites you lay your hands on.  Both techniques will help you to get lots of educational domains linking back to your website. However, for many of us participating in an event organized by a college is something pretty impossible. In addition to that, doing only comment spam can be quite risky, especially if you are not getting really good links to your website.  Now you probably wonder - Is there another way to get .edu links and not risk a penalty from Google (or have to travel 10000 miles to get them). The answer is yes and here is how it works.  Fiirst you need to find .edu blogs containing information relevant to your website's topic and also support trackbacks. To achieve that, you need nothing more than the Google custom queries. Here are some example ones to use: site:.edu inurl:keyword + "trackback" site:.edu intitle:keyword + "trackback" Now that you have all queries set, it is time to...
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