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The Periodic Table of Twitter

It seems like every other company these days is asking the question, "How can we access the power of Twitter?" Most companies don't have a strong answer, other than hunt for followers and tweet often. Some hire social media marketing consultants, costly experts who often do little more than point the company in the right direction. However, out on the world wide web there's a mountain of information, applications and products designed to help social media outlets reach more people, gain more credibility and become stronger message delivery services. Juliana Payson, InMotion Hosting's Online Marketing Specialist, has organized these applications into a neat little table for our perusal. Introducing The SMO Periodic Table & App Map Click Thumbnail to Enlarge Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the three largest social sharing networks in the world, and this so-called SMO Periodic Table & App Map organizes all of the major applications for monitoring posts and followers, organizing tweets, and managing your networks efficiently. It's organized in the style of the periodic table of elements, with each square of the table being a social media management application. The colors of each column correspond to the end goal of the program, which either leans toward...
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