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Social Media Security Basics - Infographic

Anyone who has stopped to consider the unbelievably rapid growth of Social Media today would likely notice that every part of today's economy is significantly impacted by social media. For instance, hashtags appear on commercials without explanation, almost every large brand name has an active Twitter account, and over 800 million regular people like you and me are on Facebook. That said, given the amount and frequency of information being shared through social media, it's imperative that internet users become aware of the security risks they take on by using social media platforms. Unless one is educated about social media security basics, sharing information on social media can lead you to inadvertently disclose your financial data, reveal private personal information, or at worst, compromise your identity or your business' identity. Steve Wozniak of Apple Computers, Sarah Palin, and NBC News have all been victims of security breaches to their social media accounts; so the threat is real, no matter who you are. This infographic, "Social Media Security Basics", outlines everything you need to know about social media security. Click Thumbnail to Enlarge For the embed code and original infographic, visit: https://www.veracode.com/blog/2012/03/social-media-security-basics-infographic/ This Infographic was developed by Veracode, providers of the world’s leading Application...
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