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To Use or Not to Use Flash in Your Website

Flash is controversial. We explore the pros and cons of using it in your web design. Flash is widely used today by web developers and software enthusiasts alike. One of the defining characteristics of flash is its catchy and attractive format that can infuse new life and glitter into any website or page. Flash creates an interactive new medium for the user making animation and movies possible in the inclusion of web design. Although still the preferred software for creating advertisement and banner ads with the highest click thru rates, the use of flash is gradually losing steam. In this article we shall discuss the positives and the negatives of using flash. There are some great example of Flash website templates at our website template shop. Advantages of Flash:  Interactive menus – Using flash a web developer can create interactive menus. If done well, these interactive menus turn out to be excellent navigation guides for users. When using flash always ensure to include static HTML links from the homepage so that the search engine bots can crawl and effectively index your site. Visually appealing – Flash intro on websites can be very visually appealing and catchy to the eye of your...
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