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Why and How to Build Business Value with SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is all the buzz – and it should be.  After all, 87% of the world’s population carry a mobile device that potentially links them to their favorite products and services.  Of all the mobile applications out there to choose from SMS is still the king, whether you think it seems cool or not.   If you’re thinking of selling your business, SMS marketing is a relatively quick and incredibly inexpensive way to boost value by demonstrating a quantifiable list of engaged customers. This list isn’t just attractive to potential buyers who want revenue the minute they take over, but in many cases it’s also reasonable to consider it an asset to which you can assign value. Why You Should Market with SMS  1. It reaches more people.  Short Message Service, also known as text message communication, still proves to be the number one method favored by most people to get information.  And even though it seems that everyone you know has a smartphone, “feature” phones without full internet capability, still outnumber smart phones two to one. SMS is still powerful in the mobile arena because you don’t need a smartphone, or a data plan to get a text message.  2. It’s convenient. From personal messages to learning...
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