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Ways to Use Twitter Constructively

If you're a person who wonders why on earth people use Twitter, you're definitely not alone. Some would say that the service has no value, except to let others in on what's happening in their daily lives. And let's face it:  knowing what your Twitter contact just had for dinner or what they're watching on television at that very second doesn't exactly get your neurons firing. But before you delete your Twitter account for good, you should know that the service can benefit you in several ways when you use it constructively. Goal Setting               If you're working on getting in better shape by working out or choosing not to consume your regular morning donut, tweeting about it can help you get the encouragement you need. Not only does putting your intentions out there let people know what you plan to do, but it can also result in valuable advice and encouragement about meeting your goal. Meeting New People By participating in a discussion, you can run into others who have the same interests as you do. If you can contribute to that discussion and strike up a meaningful conversation with another participant, long-term friendships can result with people that you may...
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