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The Easiest Way to Gain Quality Facebook Likes

Gaining more 'likes' will probably make the biggest difference in helping your Facebook page rank high in the Graph Search, and getting quality 'likes' is the hardest part so I wanted to be sure to touch more on how to more 'likes' for your business. Warning: You don't want to purchase "likes" from any 3rd party source. There are a lot of companies selling fake "likes" for cheap. These "likes" won't help you in graph search. So what's the best way to build a following on Facebook? There are several ways to get more 'likes” for your page. Add a “like” box to your website This is really easy to set-up. 2. Give people a reason to like your page (i.e. 'like our page and receive this free gift') and promote the special offer using Facebook ads 3. Create a video highlighting your special offer and pin it to the top of your Facebook wall. Facebook used to let you use your 'like page' as your welcome page, meaning that when people went to your Facebook page they didn't see your “wall” until they 'liked' your page. Now visitors see your “wall” first thing. So in order to drive their attention...
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