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7 Tips For Social Media Etiquette in Your Cubicle

Mark Zuckerberg is no Emily Post. Click the "Help" link at the bottom of a Facebook page and there's nothing about etiquette. Yet many, if not all of us touch bases with various social media at work. Some professionals are in their office cubicles posting on Facebook all day long. Others will occasionally post something on Linkedin. There must be some good baseline etiquette tips regarding the use of social media in the modern office environment. There are. In fact, there are 7, and here they are: 1. Don't Get Yourself FiredIt seems like a no-brainer, and if the boss of your office has circulated a memo discouraging Facebook browsing and tweeting during company time, stick to the rules. However, there is a more subtle side of this issue. Very often the person we are while we're in our office cubicle is different from the person we are when we're away from work. Not long ago, those two personalities could be kept separate more easily. As an extreme example, a woman was fired not long ago when her boss found out that she had an overtly sexual persona in the social media world. This image was contrary to the mission of...
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