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Are You Practicing Safe Coding? - Infographic

The year of 2011 proved to be the year of the hack, so logically, the need for developers to practice more secure application coding is more important than ever before. No matter what organization you are, you likely have some sort of web presence, and within that web presence there are hundreds of thousands of lines of code within your web applications that may possibly leave you vulnerable to hacking. This vulnerability poses the threat of exposing confidential business information, of personal and institutional identity theft, and of patent infringement, among other serious negative outcomes. In response to these threats, Veracode has developed this infographic, "Are You Practicing Safe Coding?", to explore the different ways in which better coding can lead to more safe application development. This infographic compiles anonymized data submitted by commercial software providers, large enterprises, open source projects and software outsourcers, all weighing in on the essential information regarding application security. Veracode provides the world's leading Application Risk Management Platform. Click Thumbnail To Enlarge This Infographic was developed by Veracode, providers of the world’s leading Application Risk Management Platform.
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