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Ambient Awareness and Marketing in Social Media

Ambient awareness is a term used to describe the awareness of friends and acquaintances that exists as a result of social media. It works similarly to being near somebody in real life where  it is possible to pick up on their mood via small noises, body language and movements. In the current digital age ambient awareness is created by feeds that exist on social media and micro blogging type websites. For this reason it is a new phenomenon that only exists in the presence of social media and similar internet technologies, where the same awareness of a person you are near can be obtained by seeing regular status updates. From a Marketing Point of View Web marketers have long been aware of this concept and have used this to increase awareness of their products. Twitter has been especially a breeding ground for awareness accounts, with an estimated 15% of Twitter accounts existing for this reason. With many users engaging social media via cellphones and portable Post PC devices, the idea of ambient awareness is more valid than ever. It is said that carrying mobile phones, and using SMS technology is what has created the framework for social media to succeed. The...
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