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Custom or Open Source CMS? Choosing the Right CMS for Your Project

Long time ago during the time when I started my career, using open source, licensed or hosted CMS was not the right choice, most web developers knew that client want to use custom made environment that fit exactly their needs, without extras, as well to be able to maintain particular website easily without even need of webmaster (drag and drop plus publish). At that time major part of web developers were building custom CMS mostly based on PHP or ASP, build over some of the most popular frameworks like CakePHP or Code Igniter. In the last couple of years things have changed completely – now most web developers prefer to build client project based on most popular open source or license CMS respectively like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal or Expression Engine, Magento, etc. I can tell you exactly why – open source projects are becoming more and more popular, usually open source communities quickly adopt the latest technology and there are regular updates on the CMS core, plug-ins and of course quickly closing security issues. Maintaining and adding new code on custom CMS can turn to nightmare, first it is time consuming, adding new features can be very difficult and in...
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