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Can Allowing Social Media Into the Workplace Be Beneficial to Business?

There is no question that social media has infiltrated the world of business. Social media networks are used for advertising, branding, and gauging target markets. However, there is an issue up for debate that hits a little closer to home (or, business office, that is): Can allowing social media in the workplace be beneficial to businesses? Many businesses in the past have opted out of that allowance, citing viruses, employee distraction, and a threat to productivity as the main reasons. But are these businesses missing out on something big? Is it possible that social media in the workroom could actually better the work environment? Here is an examination of this very relevant question: Why social media? It seems the first article of inquiry has to do with what, exactly, employees might use social media for while on the job. Of course, it is obvious that employees can communicate quickly and effectively using social media. But they can also do that with chat and email, right? Where social media trumps those other outlets is in its ability to provide real-time photos and videos to a broad audience, and to allow that audience to interact with each other in response, and in a...
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