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Mobile Marketing Ideas for Business or Brand Promotion

If you own a business, you may wish to develop a mobile marketing strategy to compete with other companies in your industry. More than 25 percent of United States consumers access the Internet by their mobile phones only, and the numbers are higher elsewhere in the world. Relying on traditional browser-based marketing strategies may keep your business from flourishing in a highly competitive marketplace. In order to optimize exposure in the easiest manner, the best option may be to develop a website that can easily accessed in both computer and mobile format. However, creating mobile-specific offerings may encourage brand loyalty among your clientele. Consumers are hungry for mobile content: Downloaded applications, social networking and SMS messaging make up over 80 percent of all mobile usage. There are several ways you can maximize mobile exposure and expand your brand name through mobile technology. Consumer Interaction Don't make the mistake of ignoring your customers socially! Many businesses are scrambling to recover lost ground while those who capitalized on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are enjoying large audiences. Social media is a huge mobile time sink: 76 percent of mobile users access social networking on their phones, and more than half prefer their phone for...
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