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Why IT Salary Surveys are Worthless

Due to outsourcing and the prevalence of contract positions in our industry, it can be difficult to try to figure out exactly how much money you should be making. In general, the only real information we have to go on is the annual salary surveys conducted by some of the online magazines and salary sites. However, this method is extremely flawed and has no basis in the real world. The surveys use several criteria that are supposed to narrow the range down and give you a better idea of your value. However, the criterion that is used is subject to interpretation and frankly, some people just flat out lie. Job Title The salary surveys typically have menus you can use to drill down to your job title. However, the options are so limited and the job titles that exist are so generic, this portion of the survey should be completely ignored. As a contractor I’ve held a million different job titles, some have been great and others not so much. I recently worked on a project for a very large corporation and my job title was “Operations Analyst”. Does anyone really know what that is? I don’t? However, at this job...
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