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Does Your Blog Have a Written Commenting Policy? It Should

When you have a blog, a written commenting policy is often the best thing you can do for everyone who gets involved with reading and responding to your posts. On top of everyone else's benefit, you can derive a great deal of usefulness from such a policy. By moderating the comments you receive as well as the ones you end up keeping, you can avoid having problems develop to start with. Comments Can Get Nasty Sometimes the Internet allows people who would normally be polite to one another to be downright rude. When a conversational topic you bring up in your blog turns into little more than a venue for people to personally insult one another, you start running into some nasty problems. The biggest problem starts to be that people tend to avoid commenting in areas that are heavily troll-infested or that have a lot of mean and aggressive people in them. Perhaps the biggest problem you can run into with your blog comments is that people just won't comment at all. Silence can be a real problem, because their comments may be extremely useful to you and your blog's success. Commenters Generally Respect You Most people are only commenting...
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