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How to Select A Good Domain Name? - 10 Tips

A good domain is a prerequisite for a successful web presence. Selecting a good domain is again something that you have to do own your own! Besides the technicalities, it's also personal. Hence, take time out ñ take that minute out and think about your domain name. 1. Recognizable Your website name, company name and domain name should be related. There should be a factor that makes it recognizable and identifiable to increase the recall value. The more people can remember and 'recognize' your presence, the better it is for your business. 2. Avoid Abbreviations Abbreviations may work in your regular communications, but avoid using an abbreviation for your domain name. Of course, if the abbreviation is how your brand is identified, then it's a different story! 3. Length of the Domain This isn't a major problem but something like 'theskyrocketcommunicationandbusinesssolutions.com' is obviously cumbersome to remember as well as type! You want to make the task of 'getting to you' easier and not tougher. Hence, 'SkyRocket.com' or 'SkyRocketSolutions.Com' at the most should work. A long domain isn't the problem; the problem how relevant is the length. It should be justifiable, smart and easy to remember. 4. Create an Impression And create...
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