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Drop Shipping For Beginners

Anybody that has taken the time to search for work from home opportunities will most likely have come across 'drop shipping'. Most of those that have come across the little gem that is drop shipping will also have come across many scams and pay-to-use schemes. There is no doubt that it can be a profit making opportunity, but drop shipping is much like affiliate marketing in terms of being a work from home area that is highly saturated with con artists willing to take your money. The key to success is to adopt a sense of realism and do your research before handing over any cash. What is drop shipping? In simple terms, drop shipping is selling other people's products online. This may sound similar to affiliate marketing, but unlike affiliate marketing you have control over how much the products cost and how much profit you take away. Drop shippers have access to databases of wholesale products that manufacturers are willing to ship on their behalf; all you have to do is promote the product through an Ecommerce site, process the order on behalf of the customer and sell it on. Whilst the majority of those that drop ship choose to...
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