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If your business does a lot with email correspondence of any type, something you might want to think about is getting an autoresponder program or service of some sort.  The principle behind autoresponders is that you only have to write something once, then you can attach it to a predetermined database of emails and have them all go out at once.  There are many reasons why someone would want to use an autoresponder.  Of course we mentioned the first one, being to send a bunch of emails out to someone at once.  The reason an autoresponder is good for this, especially if you use a service, is that autoresponder services have already been added any spam blocker that's out there.  They require a double opt-in check for anyone who wants to sign up to receive what you have to offer, and all of it can happen while you're not around.That brings up reason number two.  If you happen to write a periodic email newsletter, new subscribers can request it at any time without your being around to have to add them to your list.  Once the person verifies that they want it, your autoresponder will send them your latest missive automatically.Reason...
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