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Why Web Hosts Should Use Computerized Maintenance Management System?

Many web hosts are considering setting up CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) but aren’t sure whether they can use it at its fullest. All maintenance managers in web hosting companies would agree that CMMS can make their life easier as they can keep track of maintenance to be performed. However, is it enough to convince executives in your web host to make the necessary investment? These are reasons why you should use CMMS in your web host, which may contain a few things you haven’t yet considered. Less downtime: Proper implementation of CMMS allows web hosts to reduce downtime significantly through much improved scheduling and planning. By determining likely reasons for failures, staffs can take preventive measures to reduce possible downtime. CMMS can also plan maintenance during off-shift hours to further reduce downtimes. As more maintenances tasks are planned than responsive, they can be performed with minimal disruption. Longer equipment life: Establishing recurring preventive maintenance tasks can help improve the equipment life. The asset management software is designed to track and define the lifecycle of your assets at various levels to determine performance trends and take necessary actions. Select CMMS platforms include condition data such as vibration and temperature readings to...
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