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Is SEO Dead?

There have been growing questions as to whether the practice of search engine optimisation is alive and well, or whether what some people in the digital marketing field are chanting is true - that “SEO is dead”. There are fears that with all that search engines are doing, especially Google, that there is no space for an SEO strategy. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, let’s just look at what I am getting at. I don’t mean that SEO is in fact dead. I mean that the old practices of manipulating the search engines have passed. The days are gone when all you had to do was add your site to a few well known directories and “BAM”, it ranked. Many SEO’s, including the big guys, have used black hat tactics in the past to rank themselves and their clients. Things like forums, cache links and general comment and link spamming have been noticed by search engines and they too can no longer give you that short cut to the top. Building up link chains or a multitude of Web2.0 sites also no longer guarantees rankings, SEO is no longer a set formula - there is no step by step...
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