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Adding Photos to Blog Posts Increases the Experience

With so many people launching blogs on a regular basis, it can be on the difficult side to get people to your site, get them to read your article and potentially engage with what you said. There are only so many sports blogs that can be launched before people hit the ceiling of how much news they can devour. With that in mind, it becomes your problem and your responsibility to try and encourage engagement on the blog and make the user experience just a little bit better. One of the best ways to do that—other than providing incredible content obviously—is to add images and photographs to your blog posts. One or two pictures in each of your blog posts can help get the reader going from the headline to the first paragraph and then hopefully, at that point, you'll get them through to the rest. The problem with getting images for blog posts is finding them. There are the free methods in which you go to Wikipedia or Flickr and hope to find something that works. These are okay, but there are some limitations. First, with Wikipedia, you get what you get. If you write about sports and the player...
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