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Rich Snippets Getting a Low Star Rating

Google rich snippets are a good idea in theory, though in practice it seems that they have been a little more problematic. If ever you've done a search in Google then you'll have come across them – they're the short snippet of content that appears underneath the main URL, but that might also include user reviews and star ratings. This sample content exists for all websites and allows viewers to discern which sites to browse, but where rich snippets are concerned this also helps them make decisions such as which product to buy, or whether a service is any good before they visit the page at all. These work by looking for structured data that is embedded in websites as markup formats. So in other words you would search for a type of hair brush, and up would come Amazon and eBay and there you'd see the star ratings for the product lifted from the page and right there in the snippet for your convenience – so you could decide without clicking whether you wanted the brush or not (and from Google's perspective it's a win as you're staying on their site longer). The Inevitable Abuse Of course though it...
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