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Is Linking via Directories Passé?

Directory submissions are passé for link building in an SEO campaign for website development. Or so we are made to believe. However before, sounding death knell for the directories, web masters could do well by focusing on the pro's of using an invaluable database that is updated by humans - something that severely logical search algorithms cannot (do). The arrival of search engines in the mid 90's ensured that slowly the directories were sidelined. Even directories hosted by search engines like Yahoo were left in the lurch. Over the years, though, the almost arbitrary attitude of leading search engines has shifted the focus back to these humungous sources of database.Directories that are maintained and updated by humans stand a better chance of figuring in the search algorithms for the simple reason that 'they are updated' - one of the criteria for being listed on the top of SERPs! Moreover, as the listings are accepted and linked manually, the quality standards are maintained.Simply put, for an SEO company, link building is a method of getting links for their clients. The more links that point to the site, higher are the chance of it being listed on the SERPs. Submitting links in a...
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