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The Key To The Money Tree Has Been Found By Mobile Developers

If you do not like those small ads in your smartphone apps and programs, you may want to think hard about buying another smartphone. Those ads are going to be even more prevalent soon. They happen to be the path to riches for many developers of mobile apps for Android, iPhone or other mobile operating systems found on mobile devices. A Little Ad Can Feed A Programmer's Family The smartphone is growing up and developers are assuming the marketing positions of large corporations. Google is one of those large corporations who likes to give away free things encrusted with plenty of ads. Mobile developers are taking this example for their own work. The free app encrusted with plenty of ads is the modern way for a programmer to make a quick buck or three. International Research For Mobile Money A company named "IHS Screen Digest" has done a study showing that the top way to make money in a place like the Android market is to give the app away. Free is good, but the app should also have some form of "in app" advertising to go along with it. The IHS Screen Digest is a company that performs international research...
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