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Google I(nventions)/O(ffers) Annual Showcase: The Review

Every year developers and experts from Google organize a conference in which they present their latest technological achievements and plans that should be implemented in the next period. Google's people do not leave anything to chance and meticulously prepare every conference. Following Google I/O has a hypnotizing effect on the brain because it is unbelievable that one company has developed and still is developing such outstanding projects which look as if they have just been taken from a science-fiction movie. At this year's conference, the main hits were the new version of the Android OS, improved versions of the Google Car and Google Glasses combined with the Google wearable computing gadgets. Google has positioned itself not only as a leading search engine and browser, with its Google Search and Google Chrome, but it also proudly walks hand in hand with Apple when it comes to smartphone apps and OS. Also, the newest Google craze is indulging into the field or robotics and making the Google Robot.Google Glasses and Android WearWhen you have as many products and lines as Google has, the most natural thing is unifying them into a Google centre on the users body. Google Android Wear is a smartwatch that gives...
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