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How Smart Bloggers Engage Their Readership

Type - Print - Forget... that may work for some writers, but for a writer who wants to engage his or her readers, the steps for promoting a story should foster a community, response, loyalty and bring people together. You might also want to check "How to Start Blogging". Seek Out Your Readership - Going where your readers are is easier than ever with social networking sites. Make sure readers can “like” you on facebook, and encourage some +1s, tweets and comments on your bogs. You should also offer an RSS feed to really solidify your writer-reader connection.  Make yourself accessible and easy to connect to. Comments see a real boost when you’re willing to reply to your readers (timely, too). If you’re up for it, consider integrating chat to your blog. Involve Your Readers - Now that you’ve found your readers, don’t let them get away. Featuring your readers can be as easy as allowing and encouraging comments, but the most effective options include actually “featuring” a reader. Welcome a newbie, reward a loyalist or create a contest that allows your readers to vie for your attention! If you’re still looking to build your readership, make it easy to share...
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