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Interview with Mavis Nong

In the last couple of months I am hunting for successful Internet markets and blogger. Actually, I’ve met Mavis Nong online a couple of months ago, dropping a comment on her blog and actually and requesting an interview with her, at that time WebmaisterPro was in alpha testing stage. After several months we’ve met on Facebook and I again. So here is our exclusive interview with Mavis Nong. Mavis, can you tell us more about you in few sentences? I’m a blogger and an online marketer, helping people to build profitable businesses using cutting-edge marketing strategies.  I also share mind-blowing blogging tips to help others build amazing and money making blogs fast. How and when did you start blogging and Internet marketing? My desire for entrepreneurship stemmed from childhood. Ever since I was 5 years old, I had a drive to run my own business. When I was playing with my friends and cousins, I preferred playing a storekeeper, using my mum’s calculator for a cash-till. I was also inspired by my mum as she worked from home selling different things. Little did I know that I'll end up working from home, too. When my first daughter was born, I knew...
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