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Google’s Encryption Process and Its Impact on Organic Search Marketing

Before October 2011, both paid and non-paid user had access to Google’s search analytic's, where user could find information about organic search queries, with the help of tools like Google Analytic's'', Web Trends Coremetrics, and Adobe Site Catalyst. This is no more the case. As of October 18, Google announced the new privacy protection process relating to search queries. Now no marketer logged in to Google’s product will be able to have access to Google’s analytic products pertaining to search queries. However, Google will continue on serving analytic's information to the users of paid analytic's. A web marketing services provider, which has a paid account for any of the Google’s product will still have access to the information. The need is to find out the reasons for Google’s this update. The Reasons for Encryption Update: The users of any of Google’s products like, Google+, YouTube and Gmail see search results on the basis of their likes and dislikes, preferences, or in other words, their search results are personalized. The obvious reason for Google’s implementation of this update is to provide privacy to user. With this Privacy update, no third party will be able to get access to the personalized information of...
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