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jQuery 1.0.1 Mobile Framework Review

Every web developer has heard and probably is using jQuery framework, or a plug-in used in CMS is using jQuery. Well, jQuery have been on a long road and right now it seems that web and mobile web are becoming one – with jQuery Mobile. All app developers know that building app for iPhone, Android or other mobile device can be very time consuming as you need to write few different native application for different platforms. This new mobile framework is new hope for developers to unify user experience for different phones and tablets. For full list of supported platforms visit the official website. At these early stages it seems that new framework is very stable, highly customizable and easy to use, there are a lot of examples and source code on the main website, and as well it can be plugged to Phone Gap. jQuery Mobile Key Features Built on jQuery core Compatible with all major mobile, tablet, e-reader & desktop platforms Lightweight size Modular architecture HTML5 Markup-driven configuration Progressive enhancement Responsive design Powerful Ajax-powered navigation system Touch and mouse event support Powerful theme framework (ThemeRoller) Unified UI widgets If you have experience with jQuery, you will have kick start...
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Top Debuting Web Developer Tools 2011

There were many trends and changes in web development during 2011, a lot new tools, this is section of tools that were release during 2011 and have their unique significance to ease coding and take web to the next level. Chrome Developer Tools In the past years I was quite happy using Firefox and web development Add-ons – Firebug and Web Developer. This year I switched to Google Chrome and Chrome Developer Tools. There are several reasons for this turn.  Tools are based on WebKit’s web inspector (a part of the open source WebKit project) but include a number of enhancements. Often I am working or testing websites which are cached and gzipped, with other tools it is very difficult to see from where things are coming and going I found out that with Chrome Developer Tools, everything is on fingertips. Currently there is an Experimental API for developer that would like to extend the tool even further. You can view the video here. Twitter Bootstrap Bootstrap is Twitter's toolkit for CSS for mobile apps, social apps, website and more. It includes base CSS styles for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, alerts, and more. Twitter Bootstrap is just CSS, but...
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