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Ever Green Free Traffic Sources for your Business

This is a site thatʼs rarely talked about in the Warrior Forum WSO Section and itʼs surprising because itʼs one of the easiest sites to rank quickly. Iʼve had Tumblr sites ranked on the first page for decent keywords in under a week. Itʼs all about doing it right! If you donʼt know what Tumblr is, itʼs a micro blogging platform and itʼs free. The best way to think about it is if you were to mash together Twitter and Blogger, youʼd have Tumblr. I donʼt suggest Tumblr for a main site at all but as a traffic generation tool, itʼs one of the best (and least used) out there! YouTube In my view, YouTube is probably the best free ʻbrandingʼ source out there. Notice I said branding and not traffic. While you can get traffic through Youtube, Iʼve noticed that mot traffic doesnʼt come directly from Youtube itself. Usually what happens is people will watch your video then search for other information from you through Google. This doesnʼt mean that you donʼt put links in your descriptions and a call to action in your videos - you do - it just means that most of the time Youtube is more...
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Blog Traffic - 12 Websites That Can Help You to Increase Traffic to Your Blog Post

There are few questions that bloggers are asking themselves every day, but probably the most prominent is “How to bring traffic to my blog”. I will keep it short, because everybody knows how important quality traffic really is. Just want to say that it is critical to leverage strategy of your blog post promotion and not necessary to follow this submit every blog post to the following resources, as this may raise the flag to Google. Actually, be also careful with description that you use submitting to this communities/social bookmark websites; try to make description of your link unique. So, below are top 12 websites that can bring good traffic to your blog – some are paid but most are free. WebmaisterPro – Well, this is the first and only social network for web professionals. It is excellent place to share link, as do follow links appear on home page timeline so you are getting PR4 for free. As well you can write guest posts and participate in forum, getting new friends and socialize with other bloggers. Blokube – Another Pligg based social bookmarking website oriented to bloggers. It can bring good traffic, if you blog post get promoted to the...
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