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10 Easy Proofreading Methods to Help Ensure Your Blog Posts are Flawless

Even the most experienced writers proofread their work before publishing it. The same should be true for blog posts. If elements of your posts are grammatically incorrect or filled with misspellings, no one will consistently want to read your blog. The following are 10 easy proofreading methods to help ensure your blog posts are flawless: Give yourself some distance. Instead of proofreading your posts immediately after you complete them, take some time to do something else. If you can put some physical distance between you and your work, such as walking away from your computer, that's even better. Separating yourself from your work will allow you to examine your work with fresh eyes when you return. Read your work out loud. Often, your ears will hear mistakes that your eyes miss. Hearing your work read out loud can help you identify awkward phrases as well as words you may have accidentally repeated. When in doubt, check it out. Are you unsure if it's “Queen's English” or “King's English” (both are correct, by the way, depending on who was in power at the time)? Instead of guessing, use the power of the Internet and double-check if phrases, rules of English, sayings, etc. are correct when...
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